Pre-mixed Large Batch mixables*

  • Seasonal options, customized per request
  • Each batch makes 6-8 cocktails
  • Includes garnish and a printable information sheet about the cocktail and a list of ingredients including common allergens
  • Simply add alcohol
  • Refrigerate until ready to serve, discard by expiration date 
  • Delivery available to the Austin area for an additional fee

Themed Set-up package (*recommended companion package to large batch mixables): $20/set-up for 6 people (includes 1 shaker, 1 measuring cup, 6 reusable/disposable glasses, 24 assorted themed napkins, 24 themed cocktail picks).

Individual cocktail kits, great for gifts

  • Seasonal, themed and classic cocktail options available 
  • Each kit includes: J/S shaker, 1 cocktail glass, 2 napkins, 2 stir sticks, 8 oz pre-mixed mixer(enough for 2-4 of the same cocktail) , recipe card and garnish. 
  • Professionally packaged in gift box 
  • Simply add alcohol 
  • Refrigerate until ready to use, discard by expiration date
  • Delivery available for additional fee

Cocktail Party/Happy Hour Live event

10 person minimum, discounts may be available for larger parties

    • 100% customized for the event
    • Ideal for company parties, fundraisers and galas
    • Each guest receives a complete, professionally packaged kit containing: J/S shaker, cocktail glass(es), all ingredients (minus alcohol),pre measured and  bottled individually for a full mixing experience, garnish(es), recipe card(s), napkins and  stir sticks. 
    • Alcohol to be supplied by client
    • Pre- recorded or live customized presentation by the Jiggers & Shakers Team (live presentation available for slightly additional fee)
    • Refrigeration required until day of event
    • Delivery available for additional fee

Jiggers & Shakers Favorites cocktail sampler packs

  • Each kit includes: 4 pre-mixed mixers(enough for 4 cocktails)
  • Options include Margarita Faves, Classic Cocktails, Bourbon Faves, Gin Faves, Vodka Faves, Tiki Faves, Seasonal Faves, etc. 
  • Simply add alcohol
  • Refrigerate until use and discard by expiration date 
  • Delivery available for additional fee

We love new ideas, so let us know if you have an idea or request and we can try to fulfill it! Contact us below for more info and pricing.