Wine Not Margarita


– 2.5-3oz tequila
– 3/4oz dry curacao
– 1.5oz lime juice
– 1-2oz red wine
– 1oz sage simple syrup
– berries for garnish


Martini, Tequila,

The whole wine experience, from the knowledge to the process of tasting and enjoying is amazing and I love it. But with cocktails it’s been so fun to actually create the flavor profiles we are looking for. The possibilities are endless!! Which is why I’m combining my first love with arguably my favorite cocktail – the margarita. You can pretty much throw anything at a margarita and there’s a way it works, even wine. For this variation I wanted to balance the dark fruit flavors of a Cabernet with the tartness of a margarita, so brought some fresh sage and sage syrup to the shaker. Muddle those together, add a dry curacao, lime juice, and of course tequila and shake it up. Serve that up in a martini glass with a half salted rim (for me a margarita HAS to be salted) and you’ve got the base of your cocktail. Here’s the kick – the float is a beautiful Cabernet Sauvignon from Buena Vista, which you get by gently pouring the wine over a spoon so it sits on top of the drink. It’s a twist on a #devilsmargarita but definitely spinning it my way (cuz I can!). The garnish is a combination of some of the flavors I get from this drink, and really there may be more…
To make: Combine all ingredients except the wine in a shaker with ice. Shake and serve in a martini glass rimmed with salt. Float red wine. Garnish with berries and sage on a pick