The J/S Yellow Bird


– 3/4oz gold rum
– 3/4oz light rum
– 1/3oz Galliano l’autentico
– 1.5oz orange juice
– 1oz pineapple juice
– 1/3oz lime juice
– lime wedge, pineapple and edible flower, for garnish


Collins, Rum, Summer, Tiki,

Every time I’ve been on a tropical vacation, my mom has instructed me to get a Yellow Bird for her. So what did we HAVE to include in our tiki session?! Well, our own version of course! And of all the Yellow Birds we’ve had, this was our favorite by far. Sticking with the traditional ingredients and playing around with the amounts was key here for a result that was balanced and didn’t tip too much to one side… add too much rum it’s too boozy (yes, there really IS such a thing! ), too much banana and that’s all you taste, etc. The J/S Yellow Bird is bright with enough fruit and lime that you can identify the pineapple and orange with just a hint of banana (optional 1/4oz banana liqueur). The rum and Galliano are also present without knocking you back, unless of course it’s a lounge chair you’re falling into When you try one of these at home, give our recipe a shot – we’ve done the leg work on this one and it is DELICIOUS!
How to: In a shaker with ice, combine all ingredients. Serve in a Collins glass with crushed ice. Garnish with lime wedge, pineapple and edible flower.