Lost Lake


– 1.5oz silver rum
– 1/2oz dark rum
– 3/4oz lime juice
– 1/2oz pineapple juice
– 3/4oz passionfruit syrup
– 1/4oz maraschino liqueur
– 1/4oz Campari
– pineapple, pineapple frond, maraschino cherry, for garnish


Rum, Summer, Tiki,

Today our tiki trek continues with a riff on the Lost Lake from @elusivemoosedrinks . We’ve gone across the spectrum on our tiki flavors this week, but this cocktail really brought home what tiki is all about – the amazing way you can mix like 6 or 7 things and it totally POPS . This recipe calls for both a white and dark rum (we used @mountgayrum & #smithandcrossrum), and even through the addition of maraschino liqueur, Campari, passionfruit syrup, pineapple AND lime juice, the distinct rum punch was still there. Definitely recommend this one if you’re looking for something traditional but a little off the beaten path.
How to: In a shaker, combine all ingredients with crushed ice. Shake well. Dirty dump into a tiki glass. Garnish with pineapple, pineapple front & maraschino cherry.