Beer’s Knees


– 1.25oz gin
– 1oz honey simple syrup
– 3/4oz lemon juice
– 8oz Pilsner, to top


Gin, Other,

Happy Father’s Day! Today we take that extra step to let our Dads know we love ❤️ and appreciate everything they have done for us. Our dads are there when we’re young to encourage, lead by example & shape us into who we become as adults. And now getting to know Dad as an adult – as a friend and drinking buddy – has shown us even more love for all they do. So whatever Dad likes to do, drink, etc. I hope we all get a chance to make sure they get some extra today. .
We’re featuring a cocktail today for all the beer-lovin’ dads, but honestly anyone should give this a try. It’s a twist on the “Bee’s Knees” cocktail, adding gin, honey simple syrup, lemon juice and bitters to a Pilsner. It’s super tasty, refreshing, and easy to put together.
How To: Combine all ingredients except beer in a shaker. Shake and serve in a pint glass. Top with about 8oz Pilsner.