Word of the Day


– 1.5oz gin
– 1/2oz Passion fruit liqueur
– 1/2oz yellow chartreuse
– 3/4oz lemon juice
– 1 barspoon simple syrup


Coupe, Gin, Wine Glass,

@theweekendmixologist has stunning drinks and we imitated their riff on The Last Word, which they cleverly named “Word of the Day”. Definitely encourage you to take a look on Insta. It’s a simple cocktail but it’s BEAUTIFUL! We tried our best to recreate and it’s a bit of a different color but still pretty! The flavors are bright and mysterious and leave you wanting more… we can speak from experience that this one really goes down smooth . This recipe calls for gin (@boodlesgin ), yellow chartreuse, passion fruit liqueur, lemon juice and just a spoonful of simple syrup. Yum!!
How to: In a shaker, combine all ingredients with ice. Shake and serve up, in a coupe or wine glass. Garnish with a brandied cherry.