The Jiggers & Shakers LIIT


– 3/4oz silver tequila
– 3/4oz gin
– 3/4oz light rum
– 3/4oz vodka
– 3/4oz triple sec
– 3/4oz maraschino liqueur
– 1.5oz homemade sweet & sour
– 1/2oz grenadine
– 2-3oz coca cola, to top


Gin, Other, Rum, Tequila, Vodka,

Everything about this drink screams unassuming… it looks like a big ol’ glass of tea , it tastes extremely good going down, and it might take a *minute* to catch up to you. We’re talking about the classic Long Island Iced Tea, requested by @erichdahlke When you take a look at the ingredient list, typically 5 different liquors play in the mix. In our version, we kicked it up to 6 . The result really tasted like a cherry cola, and when Erich tried it (he’s Jen’s hubby so he got dibs on taste testing) he truly thought there wasn’t any alcohol! As we researched, this cocktail often gets overpoured but if you stick to the recipe it’s not overpowering. We took the typical 1/2-3/4oz of each of the primary liquors, which are light rum, gin, tequila, vodka and triple sec and added on 3/4oz of maraschino liqueur. The mixers here are sweet and sour (we made our own, it’s super easy!) and coca cola, and we added a 1/2oz grenadine. I’m telling you, if you’ve got the ingredients, give this one a try and let your taste buds along for the ride. You won’t regret it!!
How To: Add all ingredients except coca cola to shaker with ice. Shake well and pour into a tall tea glass with ice. Top with Coca Cola, to fill the glass. Garnish with a lemon wedge and maraschino cherry.