The J/S Coco-Colada


– 1/4 fresh pineapple, in chunks
– 1.5oz cream of coconut
– 2 oz coconut milk
– 2oz white rum
– 1/2oz fresh lime juice
– 1 cup ice
1/2-1oz dark rum, to top


Rum, Summer,

We’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts… and what better way to make use of them than as your cocktail glass?! As we transition into our week full of tiki creations, we wanted to celebrate with @theoneandonlyronda and our final cocktail request (for this round – we’ll definitely be doing this again!) The request was for a Pina Colada. Keep in mind this was not just ANY Pina Colada – she asked for “a Pina Colada made with real fruit, coconut sugar, no dairy and served in a coconut… with a topper!” This was a fun one y’all! Cracking a coconut is no walk in the park – we used a drill to get the three eyes out and drain the coconut water (which is delicious all on its’ own – use it between drinks to hydrate!), and hammered around the shell to crack it open. We’re calling this a Coco-Colada since we incorporated cream of coconut, coconut milk, AND Malibu coconut rum. We told you – we’re cuckoo for coconuts! We used fresh pineapple as our fruit, and of course when we were ready to serve we made sure to top it with a 1/2oz of dark rum to tame down a little of the sweetness and make it the perfect amount of boozy. Let’s get this tiki party started! Aloha!
How To: Add all ingredients except dark rum to a blender. Blend until creamy – adding more ice as needed. Pour into your glass (get creative here!) and top with dark rum.