The Chartreuse Swizzle


– 1.5oz Green Chartreuse
– 1oz Pineapple juice
– 3/4oz lime juice
– 1/2oz Velvet Falernum
– ground nutmeg, mint, and Angostura bitters to garnish


Collins, Liqueur Based,

No room for frills today… today we’re all about that swizzle. A Chartreuse Swizzle to be exact Chartreuse has a very unique flavor to it, and it’s one you probably either love or don’t. We both love it This classic also has pineapple juice and velvet falernum, a liqueur we rarely see outside the rum world. But it plays just fine in this. Finally, add in lime, shake and serve over crushed ice. The float of Angostura is technically optional but we’re calling it a requirement . It makes the look and is the perfect addition. Another perfect cocktail to serve up in these dog days of summer, it’s super refreshing to help beat the heat.
How to: In a shaker, combine all ingredients (except garnish) with ice. Shake and serve in a Collins glass with crushed ice. Top with Angostura bitters and garnish with mint and nutmeg.