Sizzlin’ Shishito Margarita


– 4 shishito peppers
– 2.5oz homemade sweet & sour (equal parts lime and lemon juice with sugar)
– 2oz tequila
– 1oz Cointreau


Margarita, Tequila,

We’ve had lots of luck with shishitos in our garden this summer, so why not throw them into the cocktail rotation?! How did we not think of this before?! ‍♀️ (Thank you Barley Swine for making us realize this – we will be coming to give yours a try soon). To make our Sizzling Shishito Margarita, we threw our shishitos in the oven to get them nice and tender before we muddled them. The great thing about these peppers is they aren’t spicy (well… supposedly 1 in 10 ARE spicy but we must have gotten lucky), so muddling them releases their flavor without making this cocktail too hot to drink. From there we added our homemade sweet and sour with tequila and cointreau and voila! We could knock a few these back for sure… good thing these peppers like the Texas heat, their consumption is about to skyrocket!
How to: Bake shishitos at 400F for about 10 minutes, or until tender. Add 3 shishitos to your shaker and muddle with a lime wedge. Add ice, and remaining ingredients. Shake and strain into a salted glass with ice. Garnish with shishito.