Rip’s Riff on an Old Fashioned


– 1-2 slices peach, plus more for garnish
– 1-2 pitted cherries, plus more for garnish
– 3oz bourbon
– 2 dashes Angostura bitters


Highball, Whisky,

Ah, Rip… You have stolen our hearts over the last 3 seasons of @yellowstone with your winning combination of being both a total bad-ass and complete sweetheart ♥️. We chose a riff on an Old Fashioned for your cocktail because you are as cowboy as they come, but threw in a little extra for ya. Rip’s Riff starts with a muddling of cherries and peaches (if you’ve seen the show, you know the cherry just POPS in this ) with agave nectar, which gives you a sweet base to build your strong drink. From there we added our 3oz of bourbon and a couple dashes Angostura bitters, cubed ice and stirred to combine. This is a drink you can build right in your glass, but if you’re not feeling the extra fruit, start in a mixing glass and strain out the solids. The garnish is more peach (check out Beth’s drink in the coming days for more on the link there…) and cherry, with a side of “ahhs” – your sigh is one of pure delight at the taste of this amazing cocktail, and ours is one of pure admiration at your character in this show. Until next time, Rip. Cheers!
**Side note: If you love tequila, you can try this with a good reposado also **
How to: In your glass, or a mixing glass, muddle 1-2 slices peach and 1-2 pitted cherries with 1/2oz agave nectar. Add remainin ingredients. Stir. Strain if using a mixing glass into a highball with large ice cube. Garnish with peach slice and cherry.