Pumpkin Party Punch


– Large pumpkin, for serving bowl
– 1.5 parts Makers Mark
– 1 part Crown Royal Salted Caramel
– 1/4 part Applejack
– 3/4oz lemon juice
– 1 part spiced apple cider
– 1 part spiced pumpkin syrup
– cinnamon stick for garnish


Bourbon, Fall, Tumbler,

Pumpkin Party Punch … served right from a pumpkin. Need we say more?? We served this up at a family birthday and it was a perfect fall crowd pleasing punch!! Side note – if you haven’t tried the Crown Salted Caramel whisky, do yourself a favor and go grab one stat!!
How To: Core a pumpkin and rinse thoroughly. Tap with a beer tap (easy to find on Amazon!). Combine liquid ingredients in a pitcher or shaker. Shake or stir. Chill for 1-2 hours if making a large batch and pour into prepared pumpkin when ready. Serve in a tumbler glass, garnish with cinnamon stick.