– 2-3 sage leaves, muddled
– pinch of salt
– 1oz mezcal
– 1oz silver tequila
– 1/2oz Ancho Reyes
– 3/4oz grapefruit juice
– 3/4oz lime juice
– 1/2oz hibiscus syrup
– hibiscus flowers and grapefruit, to garnish


Mezcal, Other, Tequila,

When we started planning our mezcal session, we were looking for inspiration … what kind of flavors do we want to bring in? What would be fun to play with? And so on… As luck would have it, the “Neonrita” from @thebitterfairy popped up in our feed and the flavors were too perfect to pass up. Sage muddled with a pinch of salt , add in hibiscus syrup , grapefruit, Ancho Reyes, with our tequila and mezcal. Just wow!! It’s creative & delicious, and honestly it’s beautiful! This one was a favorite for sure – hope it becomes one of yours.
How To: Muddle sage leaves with salt. Add remaining ingredients and shake with ice. Serve over ice. Garnish with hibiscus flowers, grapefruit and sage.