Kayce’s Man of War


– 2oz rye whisky
– 1oz Cointreau
– 1/2oz sweet vermouth
– 1/2oz lemon juice


Highball, Whisky,

Kayce may be the youngest of the Dutton children, but in our eyes he is also the toughest. Fearless even as a child, he went on to become a Navy Seal before coming back to Montana to settle down. His relationship with the rest of the family is complicated, and while there are struggles it’s clear that John hopes he will one day become Yellowstone’s successor. Our cocktail for Kayce is appropriately named the “Man of War” – He has faced battles not only overseas but continues to fight for his land and his family at home. One of his best lines (in our opinion) was when he tells Rip: “You’ll never meet a man who’s killed more men than me, but I ain’t never murdered one and I won’t ever”. And while he may be a warrior, his heart is pure and you can’t help but love him. ❤️
The Man of War features bourbon (can you see a trend here? ), Cointreau, sweet vermouth, lemon juice and a cherry garnish. This is definitely a drink you can sip on in the afternoon or have as an evening nightcap. It’s adaptable to any situation, just like Kayce has adapted to everything thrown his way. How will you be drinking yours??
How to: In a shaker, combine all ingredients with ice. Shake and serve over crushed ice in a highball glass. Garnish with brandied cherry and lemon peel.