Just Monkeyin’ Around


– mini banana, muddled
– 2oz bourbon
– 1oz fresh orange juice
– 3/4oz banana liqueur
– 3/4oz simple syrup
– splash strawberry syrup
– 1 egg white
– mini banana and banana chips, for garnish


Bourbon, Coupe,

Walking through the store this week we stumbled across some of the cutest little bananas (swipe ⬅️ for a pic + the recipe) and decided to break out the banana liqueur we’d been stockpiling (hooray for our upcoming tiki sesh!) to add to our week of fruity cocktails. But instead of using rum, we brought out the bourbon and went bananas on a whisky sour – and it’s amazing! A little sweet, a little boozy, a little bananas
Here’s to those days you’re just feeling a little playful – we’re here for that! Cheers!
How To: In a shaker, muddle 1 mini banana. Add remaining ingredients to a shaker with no ice. Dry shake, add one large ice cube and shake again, until the shaker is cold. Serve in a coupe glass. Garnish with a mini banana and banana chips.