It’s Not Easy Being Green


– 1 kiwi, muddled
– 2oz gin
– 1/2oz green chartreuse
– 3/4oz lime juice
– 1/2oz simple syrup


Gin, Martini,

Since the start of our quarantine, we’ve been buying more fresh (NOT pre-peeled & chopped) fruits. It’s been a process getting used to the little bit of extra legwork it takes to core a pineapple , slice and store an entire watermelon , and peel fresh kiwi … So when we’ve got a few in the fridge we need to use, it makes perfect sense to knock it out with a cocktail! With today’s fruit, the kiwi , we did just that. It’s not a fruit used all that often in the world of cocktails, but today’s exception makes me think of all the possibilities. We mixed this one up with muddled kiwi, gin, green chartreuse, lime & simple. What you get is a surprisingly brilliant shade of green that tastes super refreshing. We’re calling it “It’s not easy being green” – flashback to our younger days with Kermit and the Muppets.
How To: Muddle 1 peeled kiwi in a shaker. Add remaining ingredients with ice and shake. Double strain and serve in a martini glass.