Frose for the Fireworks


– 1 bottle of rose wine, frozen
For each cocktail:
– 6oz frosen rose
– 3/4oz vodka
– 2-3oz watermelon juice
– 1 tsp sugar
– Butterfly pea flower tea, to float


Coupe, Summer, Vodka, Wine,

Frose Friday anyone?? ‍♀️ While this recipe requires a little lead time, planning ahead seems a small price to pay for how delicious it is. And bonus! It makes more than one cocktail so you’ll be set for the afternoon ☀️ To make, we took a bottle of rose and poured it into a gallon size ziploc bag for its’ time in the freezer. It’s easiest just to throw it in overnight, and you may want to have in a pan in case it leaks. You should have a slushy texture the next morning. For each cocktail, combine 6oz rose with about 3/4oz vodka, 2oz watermelon juice and a teaspoon or 2 of sugar. Blend that all together. You may want to throw a couple ice cubes in to make it just a tad more frozen. Pour into your glass and if you’re feeling festive, pour a little butterfly pea flower tea over the top! Finally, add in your white garnish (sky’s the limit on creativity here!).
How To: Freeze a bottle of rose wine, at least overnight. To prepare, add the ingredients to a blender along with a couple cubes of ice. Blend until smooth. Add more ice until you get the desired consistency. Serve in a coupe, float about 1oz BPF tea