Drambuie in my life


– 1.5oz Drambuie
– 1oz gin
– 1oz lemon juice
– 1/4oz Green Chartreuse
– 3/4oz Dry Vermouth


Coupe, Fall, Gin, Spring,

We haven’t played around with Drambuie too much (shame on us! ) – it has such a unique flavor it just never quite seems to fit with what we’re envisioning. Today we decided to make it the focus of a cocktail and step outside the Rusty Nail box that it’s known for. The history of this liqueur is really intriguing , dating back to Bonnie Prince Charlie and his narrow escape from the battle of Culloden. He shared this beverage, literally meaning “The Drink that Satisfies” with his rescuers and the recipe has lived on. Our cocktail featuring this gem had a very herbal and refreshing taste when combined with gin, lemon juice, Green Chartreuse and a bit of dry vermouth. We actually increased the Drambuie after tasting it, we wanted more of that honeyed scotch flavor !! I can definitely see more of these cocktails in our future, definitely feeling satisfied over here!
How to: Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake and serve in a chilled coupe. Garnish with an orchid or other edible flower.