Bobbing for Bourbon


– 2oz bold red wine (we used a Cab Sauv)
– 1.5oz bourbon
– 1.5oz apple cider
– 1/4oz allspice dram
– 1/5oz ginger liqueur
– 1/2oz sage simple syrup
– 3/4oz lime juice
– 3/4oz blood orange juice, to top
– 1oz sparkling apple cider, to top


Bourbon, Fall, Highball, Wine,

Have you ever had a bourbon, fall-inspired sangria? Us either… but it’s about time we all changed that because this recipe is DELISH ⭐! We’re fittingly calling it “Bobbing for Bourbon” since it’s got some apple cider in there as well, and we’re loving on these fun fall names. We know the ingredient list may be a bit long, but it’s a great one to mix up for a fall gathering of friends and family or if you have a little bit of wine left over from the day before (we know this is rare but still ). Check out the recipe for our version below or swipe ⬅️ for the recipe slide – let us know when you give it a try! Bonus for this drink is that it is GORGEOUS!
How to: Combine all ingredients except sparkling apple cider and blood orange juice in a shaker or pitcher. Shake or stir to combine. To serve, pour over ice in a highball glass, and top with blood orange juice and sparkling apple cider. Garnish with sage and candied ginger.