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After a couple of months of aging, it is now time to set our little Island Baby free.
This beer was born out of inspiration from a tiki drink and has finally come to fruition in this tropical, complex cocktail of a beer.

Island Baby is the first release in our tiki inspired beer series.
We took a malt forwad, 9% ABV base beer and then aged in St. Croix rum barrels for 7 weeks allowing all of the molasses, oak and caramel flavors to be imparted. We then re-fermented this base beer with pineapple, passionfruit and pomegranate juice to give it a ton of fruity tropical notes with a slight acidity to balance it out.
Enjoy a glass of this beer and instantly be transported to your favorite island wearning cheap sunglasses, open toed shoes and way too little sun screen.

9.1% ABV 22 IBU

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